Nordic Spa

Book your wellness routine at Alta Bella Villa.  Our Nordic Spa and Fitness Center is located onsite and is exclusively for our guests of Alta Bella Villa.  It includes an initial orientation, daily towel service as well as cleaning and maintenance service.  

A Nordic Spa, inspired by Scandinavian traditions, offers a rejuvenating escape.  Firstly, you’ll experience a cycle of heat therapy, then move into the cold plunge, followed by rest periods.  This process boosts circulation, detoxifies the body, reduces stress, and relaxes muscles.  Moreover, these temperature contrasts stimulate healing, thus enhancing both your physical and mental well-being in a serene environment.

Alta Bella Nordic Spa
Infrared Sauna
Discover the joy of detoxification and relaxation in our Clearlight Sanctuary 2 sauna. Utilizing full-spectrum infrared technology, it provides a healing oasis. Consequently, the warmth eases muscle tension, improves circulation, aids in weight loss, and enhances skin health. As a result, you'll leave feeling radiant and renewed.
Red Light Therapy
Rejuvenate with red light therapy at Alta Bella Nordic Spa. It promotes skin health, muscle recovery, and relaxation. Return from your vacation fully refreshed. It's an ideal addition to the Alta Bella Nordic Spa.
Alta Bella Cold Plunge
Cold Plunge
Energize yourself with our Plunge brand cold plunge tub. This therapeutic experience boosts circulation, reduces muscle inflammation, and improves heart health. The transition from warmth to cool offers a revitalizing thermal treatment for your body.

Fitness Center

Our fitness center complements the Alta Bella Nordic Spa experience.  It promotes physical strength and flexibility.  In addition, working out before or after spa time intensifies detox effects and boosts circulation.  This combination of exercise and relaxation offers a complete wellness experience.

Rogue echo bike at our fitness center
Cardio Bikes
Stay fit with our two cardio bikes: a Peloton bike offering a premium indoor cycling experience with live and on-demand fitness classes to keep you active and energized during your stay and the Rogue Echo Assault Bike. The Peloton bike takes you into the cycling studio with full metrics on your ride and the Rogue bike is a top choice for full-body cardio.
Multi-use pull-up rack in our fitness center
Strength Equipment
Enhance your strength training with our pull-up rack, bench, adjustable dumbbells, and kettlebell for a full-body workout. Additionally, there is also a large floor mat space for full body or video assisted workouts.
Inversion table
Stretching Machines
Discover the art of relaxation with our therapeutic inversion table, a remedy for realigning the body and improving posture. The Nitro Fit stretching machine is perfect for pre and post workouts to improve flexibility and general wellness.

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